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Health Coaching Services

I believe that you are the expert of your own health. Perhaps we have just lost touch with being confident in the wellness-based decisions we make, or we need some support from someone we trust. I don’t tell my clients what to do, I work with them as their ally to take initiatives that support their health in a way that resonates with them.  I believe in opening my clients up to their own instincts and abilities so that they can feel confident and supported in their choices. I believe in creating a partnership with my clients because it is crucial that you feel comfortable so that real progress can occur.  Success goes beyond weight loss or looking good – you will feel in control of your vibrant, energized, healthy body.  And that healthy body is unique to you!

People who work with me experience the following outcomes: reduced inflammation, identification of hidden food sensitivities that are causing inflammation, weight/fat loss, mindset shifts around habit and behaviour change related to food, stress reduction, and overall support with lifestyle and behaviour change.

While all of my programs are client-led and specifically designed for each individual person, they all consider the 5 pillars of functional medicine: nutrition/diet, movement, stress management, sleep, and social relationships. 

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3 Month Plan

 My coaching program is designed to help you transform your health based on what your goals are. While the program follows a structure, it is tailored to each individual based on your goals. The sessions are led by you, but we focus on areas including nutrition, gut health, stress management, movement and mindset. Focusing on these aspects of health for many of my clients is a form of self-respect

4 Month Plan

Offering stronger support and guidance, the four month program builds on the three month program to include additional sessions and further support of habit change initiatives that will lead to success in sticking new habits.

Elimination Diet

Focused on reducing inflammation, in this program we work through how to do an elimination diet to identify food sensitivities that may be contributing to your autoimmune (or other) symptoms. Together, we work through everything from how to do the elimination phase to reintroduction of foods to find your unique blueprint of foods that may be causing you issues. I am certified in the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy's Coaching Advancement Initiative with the Institute for Functional Medicine in this practice. 

30 Day Mind-Body Reset

Feeling stressed, anxious or burned out? Do you feel stick, frustrated or confused with where to start making healthy changes that are going to make a difference? Let's work together to prioritize self care and reduce stress in 30 days. This is the start to creating habits and routines that last. 

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