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My Approach

Reducing inflammation in the body is critical to better health. As a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach and behaviour change expert, I am passionate about helping women make diet and lifestyle changes to transform their health and reduce symptoms of your autoimmune disease by lowering the inflammation in your body. My area of specialization is working with women who have experienced hair loss or autoimmune alopecia.


Health coaching is about exploration, support and accountability for those that want to make changes to improve their health. You know your body best and living in a state of wellness is possible for you! I believe in using food as medicine to support change, but beyond food are elements of health and lifestyle that influence our overall wellness and include exercise and movement, sleep and relaxation, stress management and relationships. I challenge you to ask yourself: "If I could wave a magic wand and have created a balanced and healthy life, what would that look like?" Let's answer that question together!

The Five Pillars

Sleep and Relaxation

Exercise and Movement


Stress Management

Relationships and Community

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Core Exercise
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The five pillars represent overall aspects of health and wellness that I encourage people to consider as part of their journey to better health. We may often focus in one area, but the intersection of all five of these things: sleep and relaxation, exercise and movement, nutrition, stress management, and relationships can create better balance and lead to success with change. Functional Medicine looks at the root cause of disease and considers these lifestyle factors in working towards improved health.

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Happy Woman

Leeann R.

Working with Tara has been a life changing experience for me. I consider myself a generally healthy person, but even so there were many habits that needed to be changed. Tara is incredibly insightful and knowledgeable in the area of behavior change. She listened so intently and picked up some cues that I did not even know were so top of mind for me. She guided me in the most supportive and patient way to making small changes. In just a few months I have seen so much personal growth. I have way more patience, I am prioritizing what is truly important to me, I am focused, and I dropped a few lbs-an added bonus from removing some bad "mommy-style" habits. I can not recommend Tara enough. She changed my life and she can change yours. 

Carefree Woman

Thelma P.

Tara was such a joy to work with. I was going through some changes and difficult times and she was key on helping me make some positive changes. I've learned so much and it's really making a difference in my life. I'd like to thank Tara for working with me on my wellness journey.

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Dawn B.

Tara has been such an effective health coach supporting me, guiding me, and challenging me to step outside my comfort zone. Her poise and demeanor demonstrate her constant professionalism but her tone and presence allow you to trust her and be comfortable sharing with her.  She is truly a resource of knowledge and her empathy makes you feel like you are not alone on your journey to achieving your vision of health and wellness.

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Ashley D.

Having the support of someone who understands and shares my beliefs in the care of the human frame has been invaluable. Tara guided me through my own personal journey of understanding the role of nutrition in the cause and prevention of disease. She helped me to better understand my own bioindividual needs and make changes to my lifestyle that made me feel empowered and more in control of my own health. For once, someone made me feel like I wasn't a crazy hypochondriac! She validated and encouraged my steps to achieving overall wellness. She also helped me understand how stress management plays such an important role in allowing my body to function as intended. I look at things differently now and am confident I will sustain these very important changes. Once your eyes have been opened, there's no looking back. Thank you Tara! 


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